Clear Solutions For Reading is leading a pilot study in the Tampa Bay area to study the effects of ChromaGen Lenses on students with reading problems. One group of students will be identified as having mild to moderate reading problems and the second group will be students who have been identified as having dyslexia. They will be seeking students from 3rd to 8th grade. They will be screening the students on May 17th at the Cornerstone Christian School in Dunedin, Florida.


Clear Solutions For Reading will be offering every qualified student a free pair of custom ChromaGen Eyeglasses that retails for approximately $1000.


ChromaGen is a new lens technology that is providing an improvement to students who are struggling with reading problems that are impacting the learning process. Students wearing ChromaGen glasses have also reported improvements in math and handwriting. The lenses are new, patented, and cleared by the FDA. The use of ChromaGen Lenses is likely the most significant intervention a parent can make in their child's educational process as the need to read efficiently will only increase as students grow older.


If it is determined that your child will benefit from the ChromaGen Lenses (after the pre-qualifying Survey is reviewed and approved), a time will be scheduled for your child to be screened on May 17th. Your child will also be required to come back thirty days later for a 15-minute follow up on June 14th. You are invited to observe your child being screened. The Screening will take about one hour, which will include your child receiving an up to date eye exam by a licensed Optometrist and a reading assessment using the Woodcock Johnson tests. At the conclusion of the screening, your child will pick out a frame and if they already wear glasses, their prescription will be incorporated into the ChromaGen Lenses. They will receive their ChromaGen eyeglasses within two weeks.


To learn more about ChromaGen Lenses visit,


Dr. Jeanne Howes and Dr. Edward Huggett, the principals of Clear Solutions for Reading Inc., are both based in the Tampa Bay area and have been in practice for approximately 25 years. Their bios can be accessed below.


If you are ready to register, click on Register below to take the pre qualifying ChromaGen Survey. After taking the pre qualifying survey, download the permission slip below and follow the instructions on the PDF to send permission slip in to ChromaGen.


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April 18th, 2014

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